Monday, March 22, 2010

Imprinted Promo Products

Daughter #1 has been busy attending drug company conferences and symposium. One of the perks of attending such conferences are the freebies that are given away from leading drug companies. We have at our disposal several duffel bag, ballpens, drinking bottles with carabiner, folders and more -all with imprints of different drug company logos.

I am quite impressed with the imprinted products. Since hubby's family business give out freebies come Christmas I thought that maybe, just maybe, there are imprinted promotional product that are affordable. I browsed the internet for such products and stumbled on The site offers varied products that can be imprinted. Some of the products that really caught my attention are the tool gadgets that can be imprinted. Since hubby's family business is a machine shop handy tools like: screwdrivers, tape measures, tire gauges, flashlights and multi-tools are just perfect! A promotional pocket screw driver cost a mere $0.76! Order more and you can get it for less.

The imprinted mugs and promotional key chain are popular products too. The promotional mugs are not the ordinary mugs as you can choose from a variety of shot glasses, travel mugs, ceramic mug, plastic sports bottle and more. Imprinted dot com has all the answer for your company or personal promotional product.

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