Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inter Racial Friends

I have met quite a number of mommy bloggers who have found their life partners online. Technology has redefined boy meets girl or girl meets boy. There are chat rooms, online dating forum communities, and even online posting services for you to meet the man or woman of your dream. There are also countless social networking sites where you can post your profile and hopefully gain new friends in the process.

There are probably millions out there who go online to find friends or their perfect partner. Knowing a few mommy bloggers changed my perception on "online" friendship and romance. These mommies are happy raising a family with their husbands they met online. A former nanny of my nephew is now in New Jersey living with her American husband. A former neighbor met her husband online too. A very good friend of mine left her dental practice in Manila to marry then man of her dreams whom she met in a chat room. There are hundreds of sites catering to online chatting. If you want to meet people of different nationalities, I suggest It is a free interracial chat where no membership fee is asked for. You can search for free and hopefully find a friend or two who you can chat up.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Chance for True Love

I have a few personal girl and boy friends who are still single between the ages of 38 to 55. They are not exactly unattractive as they are pretty and intelligent. The reason for still being in that stage of single blessedness is their career. These friends of mine pursued their careers first and foremost and they are still not interested in finding mates! Now, I do have two single mom friends who are willing to meet eligible men. I pointed them to a website that caters to single mom dating. Registration at www. is free so what's there to lose? I nudged them a bit. Let's see what will happen.

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Needed: Masonry Contractor

It is not easy looking for reputable and trustworthy construction company these days. I have heard about a lot of horror stories where contractors left their clients at the lurch and at a point of desperation and sometimes bankruptcy. Being in the construction business myself, I am very careful with my work estimates and job description so as to be fair for my client and myself.

That being said, a cousin of mine recently bought an old house somewhere in Connecticut. He is in a quandary because the house needs a lot of masonry repair as there are very visible gaps and tear seen on the walls. As he is fairly new in the area, he has no one to ask for a contractor recommendation. I told him to hop over to for his needs. Hartford Masonry has been a trusted name in that line and even has a $1,000,000 liability insurance for their client's protection. They offer specialized work in:Chimney Cleanings & Repairs, Stainless Steel Chimney Liners Installed, Repointing / Rebuilding, Masonry Repair, Chimney Caps Installed. It is always best to be clear with your contractor his licenses, insurances and other pertinent legal papers before you sign the final contract. See to it that you and your contractor see eye to eye on the job description and estimates.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

When You Feel Lonely

Here I am! I stand at the
door and knock. If anyone
hears my voice and opens
the door, I will come in and
eat with him and he with me.

Revelation 3:20

Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you.

Hebrews 13:5

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Cirque du Soleil

One of the places I have to see in my life time is Las Vegas. My wish while in LV is to watch a Cirque du Soleil show. I have been mesmerized an in awe of the outstanding craftsmanship and talents of the show's performers. Such perfection! Such beauty! Such daring! Do you know that there are actually three different Cirque du Soleil? No? Well, there's the O - Cirque du Soleil where the theme revolves around a 1.5 million gallon pool. The show is made up of 85 performers including acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers, actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and clowns who perform on stage and above it. KA Cirque du Soleil features the gravity-defying acrobatics that only Cirque du Soleil performers can deliver. The production has martial arts, sophisticated puppetry, and a true multimedia experience. Performers leap, hurtle, and scale up and down the moving stage as it conveys changing scenes and landscapes. Performers not only move vertically, but they move horizontally as well. The last is the Love - Cirque du Soleil. The production is centered on all the Beatles song of yesteryears. I would love to watch all these Las Vegas Shows. I better hop on the site and look for available bookings left.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stop Those Leaks and Drips

An architect is a Jack-of-all trades, construction wise. He designs the house by doing the floor plans and all other layouts called for. He does the simple electrical, plumbing and sanitary layout too. He does the details of wood works, cabinets and closets. He even chooses the tiles to be used for the flooring and bathroom, the paints and wall finishes. Sometimes, the architect does the interior designs too if the clients prefers too. Yes, being an architect, these are just some of what I do for residential clients. I cater to their needs. One very important aspect of the design process that I consider is the plumbing and sanitary layout. What good is a beautiful house if it has leaky plumbing?

At some point in your house's life, there will come a time that you will need a plumber. As the house grow old so does the pipes and lines embedded within its walls and under its floor. If you live in the vicinity of Memphis, it's best to call on a Memphis Plumber for your "leaky" problem. High quality of work and customer service guaranteed. Remember to take each small drip or leak seriously. What could have been a minor repair could turn into a major disaster if left unrepaired.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

How to Stop Prank Callers

My brother has changed his home phone number for the nth time. It seems that he and his household has a phone stalker. The caller identifies himself as a relative but is not. Now my brother fears that the phone stalker might try to go over his place and scare the daylights out of him and his family. I told him to report the incident to the local police just to play it safe. I've had a number of prank calls myself. The irritating part is that my phone's caller ID I still won't show the identity of the prank caller. However, there is a new site called Caller Wiki that just might solve our prank callers and phone stalkers problem.

Caller Wiki gives its users the ability to know who is at the end of those irritating calls. The Wiki system will provide its subscribers to get the needed information instantly. A user can view what others have to say about a particular number and he can edit and add any information too. If the number he searched is not in the Wiki data base yet, he would then be automatically taken to a reverse phone look up tool. I tried it and the system works! Check it out!

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Don't Lose Hope

In this time of global recession and other related problems, so many of our brothers and sisters are going through rough times. Let us ponder on this quote.

If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Leaky Roof

It's spring time in the Temperate zone. Time to clean up the clutter that winter brought. Time to "spring" clean the whole house. Time to putter about the garden and start planting those perennials. Basically, spring is the time one inspects the house for repairs and renovations. Have you looked at the shingles of your roofing? Are the gutters and roof ridges and valleys A-okay? A single leak in your roofing can translate to a bigger problem later on. A single leak can wreck the interior of a house. It is always advisable to leak for roof damages and have them repaired at once.

If you live somewhere in Rhode Island, you might want to call on a Providence Roofing expert for roof repairs or for installation of a totally new roof. It is so easy to look for a qualified Providence roofer. You can ask a friend, your hardware man, look up in the yellow pages or search through the internet. A Providence roofer will see to it that he meets your needs and designs at the lowest possible cost but at the highest quality possible. Be sure to have every work agreement in black and white. This is for your protection and the roofer's too.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Your Home Secure?

About two nights ago, my husband left the window open in the stair landing going to my son's bedroom. My son was not home since it was a school day. Early in the afternoon that same day my husband decided to pick some mangoes off our trees and he forgot to put away the aluminum ladder. He left it by the wall near the open window. So, the open window and convenient aluminum ladder enticed one burglar. We're lucky that one of my daughters heard a noise and shooed away the burglar who was dismantling my computer.

Crime is everywhere. We're not even safe inside our own homes! We need home security gadgets to make us sleep better at night. These home security gadgets are not luxuries. They are necessities.

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Time to Invest

I was watching television the other night and I happened to watch Larry King's interview Donald Trump. Trump discussed a lot of things regarding the status of US economy but what really caught my attention was when he said that now is the best time to invest in real estate. He said a lot to explain his statement and I was convinced!

Are you thinking of finally having your dream vacation home or condo in Hawaii? Check out Honolulu Real Estate for a listing of the best properties in the area. A drop in visitors last year and the current real estate market surely affected the cost of properties in Honolulu. As Trump said, now is the time to buy.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Power of the Internet

The power and reach of the internet is just amazing. Everything is online. You could meet all sorts of people through online chat rooms. You can keep in touch with your long-lost friends by joining social networks. You can purchase anything online: appliances, personal stuff, house, car, medicine... name it, you can buy it online. My daughter bought our new puppy online! You can watch movies, TV shows, download games and songs online too. Of late, you can even enroll and study online. Fifteen years ago, all these were not possible. The internet brought forth a new wave of consumers and users.

Now, we don't have to go out of our homes to do all the regular things we used to do before the internet. You can pay your bill online. You can research on your homework online. You can buy groceries online. You can rant and rave online. You can post your pictures and meet new friends online. Just the other day I got an offer to play lotto online. Heck, you can even play online casino. I have tried playing bingo online with virtual bets. I was into it for more than two hours for I was winning. Too bad, the money was virtual.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drippy April

It's not supposed to rain here in the Manila in April as April is the middle of summer season. It has been scorching hot for the past weeks. Heaven itself opened up her arms and let the rainfall to shower the melting crops. However, I am caught unprepared by the heavy rains. I have not done any roof gutter cleaning yet that the said gutters were brimming with rotten leaves from the mango trees near the house. The filled gutters caused the rainwater to overflow to the ceiling. There are holes in the roofing too that need fixing. I need to call in a reliable roofer to take care of the holes and leaks before great damage occurs.

It is better to have small leaks and holes fixed at once. Left in a state of disrepair, the cost of fixing the damage would escalate over time. It is best to call in an experienced roofer. If you are near or within the vicinity of Fort Worth, Texas, it is best to call in a Fort Worth Roofing expert. Palafox Roofing and General Contractor is a reliable roof installation servicing the area of Forth Worth. The company also accepts roof repair and the likes. Check the site out for more information.

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Online Christian High School

Choosing the right school for our kids has become an ordeal. It used to be that we just enroll our children to the nearest public or private school in our vicinity. The many horror stories involving school incidents brought rise to homeschooling our kids. I know personally of some moms who chose to homeschool their kids for safety reasons and for them to integrate Christian teachings to their kids. It's quite ironic that the United Stated was founded on Christianity yet now the same government cater to the whims and unreasonable demands of non-Christians.

A new national online Christian high school is set to open fall of 2009. St. Mark's Academy is a 100% online high school that offers a course work integrated with Christian education and leadership. It is not a homeschool supplement but a complete high school complete in curriculum and perfect for diploma-seeking students. The school is an alternative for those who do not thrive in traditional approach in education.

The school has a 24/7 on-demand access to instructors most of whom have masteral or doctorate degrees. The online school would give each student the freedom to learn at his own pace. Currently the school is offering a full scholarship to deserving students. Find out more by clicking the link.

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Meeting Christians

I called our church's secretary and asked her when the Daily Vacation Bible School would start. She said she would find out the details first then get back to me. She called back a few minutes later and told me that there would be no Daily Vacation Bible School. Instead, a Children's Camp would be offered. The camp will run for four days and there's no way 6-year old Ethan could cope with that 4-day camp. I guess, I just have to make sure Ethan gets his dose of Bible reading on a daily basis. As I child I remember going to DVBS every summer. As I grew older, I became a DVBS teacher and may I say the experience was very uplifting.

It used to be that meeting fellow Christians could only happen in church-sponsored or church-oriented events. There are various church groups that meet with other churches for fellowship. With the advent of the internet it is now possible to meet Christians from all walks of life, race, creed and age through christian online chat rooms. Joining one is easy. Just click on the link and sign up for free. There you could meet and get to know other Christians.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dream House

It is everyone's wish to ultimately have their dream house. The dream house may differ from each person's point of view but still: a dream house it will be. I was watching television the other night and I heard if from no less than Donald Trump that now is the best time to invest in real estate. Now may also be the best time to finally build or renovate your homes to turn your dream of a house come true. As an Architect I have helped quite a number of clients build their dream homes. From the schematic phase, going to planning and designing phase up to the actual construction, I always confer with the clients. Building custom homes may be very expensive. However there are a lot of companies who now build custom homes at a very reasonable price range. One such builder is Denver Home-Builders. MAZE Builders LLC company has 25 years of experience of building and renovating. Their mission is to closely work with their clients to understand and meet their needs. The company also specializes in Room/Wing Additions,Deck/Patio Additions, Renovations and Remodeling and Basement Finishes. You could never be in a safer and more credible contractor than MAZE Builders LLC.

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Reality TV Show Online

I have in awe of reality TV shows. I just admire the guts of those who join. My daughter and I actually wanted to join one international reality TV show's Asian version but when we learned that we would be required to live our safe cocoons for four months, we backed out. One TV show that really intrigues me highly is the one where you get to date a millionaire and eventually marries one if you get picked. Now, if you are on the lookout for such "qualification" and would want to experience meeting (and dating) millionaires online, check out this sugar momma dating site (or daddy) and meet ones.

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He Set the Course for Victory

A devotion from Joel Osteen Ministries.

Today's Scripture

"He holds victory in store for the upright, He is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for He guards the course of the just and protects the way of His faithful ones" (Proverbs 2:7-8, NIV).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria

Are you facing a challenge or difficulty that seems overwhelming? When you stand strong and remain faithful to God, He promises to set your course for victory! And victory doesn´t necessarily mean everything is going to go our way all the time or work out the way we planned.

The Bible says that the real battle we face isn´t in our circumstances, it´s in our minds. The enemy is after your thoughts. He´s after your peace and joy. He knows that when you have peace, it´s a sign that you are connected to the Father. When you hold on to your peace and choose to be joyful, you are walking in victory, and it´s just a matter of time before your circumstances line up!

Remember, God knew every person who would wrong you, and He´s already laid out your vindication. God knew every disappointment, and He´s already laid out new opportunities. God knew everything that would be stolen, and He has already laid out your restoration. Rejoice today knowing that He has set your course for victory in every area of your life!

A Prayer for Today

Father in heaven, thank You for the victory You have in store for me. I choose to be faithful; I choose to walk humbly before You. I stand in faith knowing You are working all things together for

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Noontime Shows and Winnings...

Okay.Guilty! I with daughters # 3, 4 and Ethan watched a daily noontime show, live! I was able to secure a VIP pass from a friend whose husband works in a national television studio. I admit that I have no affinity whatsoever in noontime variety shows and to tell the truth, I was not expecting much. How wrong I was? Very! The show turned out to be fun as the host was all hyped! There were contests where studio audiences were picked. We were quite disappointed that not one of us was picked for the price money was anywhere from 5,000 pesos to 50,000 pesos. My seatmate, a 17 year old girl was picked to participate in one of the games and she won a whopping 20,000 pesos. She was with her four other girlfriends and their excitement was way beyond control as they were screaming and jumping. What the heck! We jumped and screamed with them too! What was nice was the girl thanked God on air for the blessings that she received. She said that she is about to enter college the cash price would indeed be helpful.

Daughter # 4 took her picture and I asked her if I could blog about her. She was all excited and said yes. She asked for my url and told me that she is mostly online when at home She has joined several chat rooms and she enjoys chatting for she gets to meet other kids her age. I told her to join Punk Chat Room as membership is free and she would be able to join not one but several punk chat rooms. She said she would take a look at the site and join.

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Plumbing Nightmare

My son called me and asked me if I could send over someone to fix his apartment's leaky shower. That shower has been dripping for the longest time - since the last time I visited about three weeks ago. I told him to tell his landlady about it but he did not. Now the leaky shower is not leaky anymore for the small leak has now turned into a full blast nightmare. My son and his apartment mates have to close the main gate valve just to stop the full-blast deluge from the shower. If only they tried to fix the leak when it was still a small one, then they would not have this big problem now. Who can live without the convenience of indoor plumbing? I guess a great majority can't that is why it is important to get a reliable plumber to layout your pipes and fix plumbing problems way beyond a homeowner's comprehension.

There are plenty of reliable and competent plumbers out there but if you're somewhere near San Antonio, Texas then calling the San Antonio plumber for your plumbing needs is highly recommended. The owner has been in the plumbing trade for the last 40 years. He is well-versed and up-to-date on the latest technology related to plumbing. Rates are fair and reasonable too. Go check out the site for more details.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God is Wonderful

I was feeling low today. My mind is blank for I refuse to dwell on the problems that are looming and lurking around me. Sometimes, one can't help but feel miserable. Then I received a text message from a friend who is 3 times more problematic than I am. Here is her text message.

God is flexible
God will meet us where we are
He can be very tender if you need an embrace
He can be form if you need some spanking
He can be terribly awesome when you need a miracle
He can be painfully quiet when He wants you to trust Him
He will be what you need Him to be
He knows about what you need more than you do
So let Him meet you where you are and let
Him love you right there.

I hope you have been blessed as I have been after reading this short poem.

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Talk About Tattoos

I am in a dilemma. My 18-year old son has sort of expressed his thoughts about getting a simple tattoo. He wants to get "inked"! Not that I am such a prude but I have heard a lot of horror stories about tattoos. The latest that I read about is regarding a tattoo artist who keeps on misspelling the word he designs and then inks! I bet the best thing that my son and I could do right now is to talk to some tattoo enthusiast to get ideas on the how and what and the where of the actual art of tattooing.

Browsing on the net, I found a Free Tattoo Chat site that my son and I could join. The site is designed for tattoo hobbyists and enthusiasts. There are probably hundreds and thousands of people interested in the art of tattoo. This free tattoo chat room is one good place to expand and share your knowledge about tattoos. Membership is 100% free! All you have to do is fill up a simple online form and presto! You gain entry to any of the tattoo chat rooms where you could ask questions, swap stories, share ideas, and even view each other's tattoo arts through videocam. This is one big site for tattoo enthusiast and would-be enthusiasts to share their tattoo passion. Check it out!

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Summer is Here

The heat is melting me! It is so hot,humid and airless. Locking myself up in an air-conditioned room is an option but that would be impractical. The living room and dining room have its own window-type air-conditioning units too but in times like this how I wish my house has an HVAC system. HVAC is an acronym for "heating, ventilating, and air conditioning". It is a sort of a system that controls the "climate" within residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The primary use of HVAC is to regulate room temperature, humidity, and air flow, ensuring that such elements remain within ideal ranges. HVAC systems use ventilation air ducts installed throughout a building that supply conditioned air to a room through rectangular or round outlet vents.

A company called Extreme Heating and Air and Roofing is a leader in Dallas HVAC-Air-Conditioning. The owner, Steve Glover has been in the business for the past 19 years. Any new installation goes to rigid physical inspection of the area, estimate its heat load and other checklist before quoting the project. Aside from HVAC systems, Extreme also specializes in Roofing Replacement, Roofing Repairs, Air Conditioning Replacement and Air Conditioning Service. Looking for a qualified HVAC contractor? Click the link above.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brother-in-Law's House

My brother-in-law and his family of six have relocated to Texas from New York. He said the move has been good for it is actually cheaper to live in Texas than in New York. He called just to ask if it's a good idea to tear down a wall in his house to make room for a recreational hall.Being an architect myself I did have a few input but since I have not seen his place I told him that he better check out instead.

Dallas Remodeling has been in business since 1994. The company is aptly called Miramar Consulting. Mark Scudder,the head honcho of the company personally sees to it that all construction works are well supervised. He works with a team of engineers, designers and construction team to design and build any kind and size of remodeling that his clients need.The company prides itself in designing spaces that would aesthetically please the client, make use of every available space and at a cost agreeable to both the contractor and client. The company can also incorporate solar solutions for your home since it has been doing that for industrial and commercial spaces too. Miramar Consulting has a string of happy and contented clients whose testimonies are posted in the company's website. It has recieved various awards too in its field of design and construction. I told my brother-in-law to hop to the site for consultation and assessment.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Good Friday

In my hometown, it has always been a tradition to Roman Catholics devotees to re-enact the passion of Christ. Of course no one could ever duplicate the sacrifice and sufferings that Jesus Christ went through but the re-enactment is one tradition dominant in Roman Catholic Philippines. I do not conform with these traditions for they are against my belief. I serve a risen Lord and not a perpetually crucified one. Anyway, I think the penitents themselves do not even know what they are doing. Envelopes are given out to bystanders watching the drama for monetary contribution. I donated 100 pesos so that the entire cast would act in front of my mother's house.

Cesar delivering his speech to Jesus

The Pharisees agreeing to Christ's crucifixion

Christ carrying the cross

A lot of digi cams started whirring at this point. I was way out watching this "silliness" when all of a sudden I heard a cry "pictures!" The Christ impersonator and his cohorts stopped and the next picture happened.

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Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed that 42,642 Americans died in traffic in 2006. In 2008, NHTSA estimated that 37,313 people were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes the lowest number since 1961 (36,285).The leading causes of these accidents and casualties were drunk driving, car trouble and unsafe driving practices. Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and wrong but there still a lot of vehicular accidents are caused by drunk driving.I always see to it that my car undergo maintenance like oil change every few thousand miles.

Bad driving habits can also cause car accidents.Do not you use your cellphone while driving. Do not fidget with the CD player or car radio incessantly or actively engage in conversation whiled driving. Follow traffic signs and observe speed limits. Distractions can cause road accidents but if you concentrate on what you do, you're far from accidents due to driver's negligence.

One of the benefits of being a good driver - no string of traffic tickets, no reported car accidents - aside from safety and long life, is that the premium on car insurance is basically low. Car insurance is not cheap. There are a lot of car insurance companies out there ready to pounce on unsuspecting clients. Do you have cheap insurance or an expensive one? I have had my share of outrageously expensive auto insurance that had not value at all. Cheap auto insurance does not mean a bad policy. It means you are smart enough to compare insurance prices and policies. An online site that offers cheap auto insurance quotes is There might be other resources listed in but this site is a veritable minefield of information regarding insurance rates, provides a varied listing of insurance companies, offers a general guide on insurance policies and more. Click the above link for more information. This may be your best insurance policy yet. Check it out.Just enter your zip code and you'll get the best valued quotes offered in your state.

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After Holy Week...

Holy Week is over. What did you do in remembrance of Christ's Passion? In our church we have the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, The Seven Last Words on Good Friday and of course the Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. I grew up observing these and more. I attended Sunday School and Church services religiously. I learned the Bible through the numerous stories I heard in Sunday School, the Bible Studies I attended the hard core back to back reading that I did when I was a lot older. My kids are well-versed in numerous Bible Stories because of the books that I bought for them. When they got older I gave them Daily Bread for their devotions.

Recently I was discussing with a friend that more and more youth are finding it boring to read the Bible. I have observed that even my kids are not keen on studying the Bible by themselves. It's good that I stumbled on a book that suggests 40+ ways to study the Bible. The new book is titled Learn to Study the Bible by Pastor Andy Deane. I browsed the site and found sample chapters with hand written notes on how to dissect the verses. I like it! The methods shown by Pastor Andy are not actually mind-blowing as most of us have used some of the methods. The good part is that every method is explained and pointers are given on how to implement the methods more effectively. Hop on over to the site and order a book today.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Warm Ambiance

When my house was being constructed some 25 year ago, almost everyone I know who dropped by the construction site and took a glimpse of the ongoing construction found it impractical that I specified wood planks for the outside wall and wood paneling for the inside. The trend way back then was to use concrete hollow blocks and concrete mixtures for ease and durability. Not me. Although my footings, columns and beams are reinforced concrete, I used wood for the finishing because I love the warm and homey ambiance from wood. Of course, it follows that I am also partial to wood furniture. My dining and living room sets are wood.

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Of TIA and Anime

I was confined at the hospital for three days couple of weekends ago. I asked my girls to take me to the ER when I felt a tingling sensation and then numbness on the left side of my body- head to toe. I did not panic or showed intense fear for I had no time for such emotions. I was busy praying and texting. I was praying to the mighty God to take care of me and I was texting some of my close friends to pray with me and for me. Praise God! I was diagnosed to have suffered temporary ischemic attack (TIA) or a mini stroke. Although I have to take a lot of medications, I am fine now.

I was online the other day when my son asked if he could use the computer for a bit. He said he has to download some anime stuff and his laptop is quite slow for the job. My son is into anime and on occasions I have watched some anime with him too. I told him that there is actually a Free Anime Chat room that he could join to swap ideas and thoughts about their mutual passion. My son got excited and has actually joined the chat room.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

On Good Friday

It's Good Friday. What will you be doing "later"? Go to church? Go out on an outing? Stay at home? Though the real day of Christ's crucifixion did not actually happen on April 10 or any other day near it, let's just remember the meaning and significance of the day. For the Christian world, no matter what denomination, Jesus Christ died for our sins to save us and give us everlasting life.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him shall

not perish but have eternal life.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Blessings

There are a lot of social networking sites that we can join to get your blog more exposure. We are sometimes literally bombarded with daily emails alerting us to the latest posts, or uploaded pictures or videos of out contacts. Sometimes it's fun but most times it is not for. Why? The topics are just way-off my interests. So what I did was hop on over to and created my own blog aggregator. If you don't have an idea on whatblog aggregators are, it's fairly simple. My blog aggregator is DailyBlessings. Blogs of the same genre can sign up under this feedcluster and all members would be alerted of the dailies of each other. It's a great way to socialize and add exposure to each other' blogs. Hop on over to my feedcluster and sign up under Add My Blog or you can just click the widget below.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One God

It's Holy Tuesday and while the rest of the world are going about their daily business, most of the Philippines is at a standstill in observance of the Holy Week. My view of Holy Week has changed over the years. While still at a very young age, I was prompted not to make noise during Holy Week, especially on Good Friday, because God dying and come 3:00,P.M., is dead. That train of thought confused me a lot because at a very young age I was taught in Sunday School that we have an everlasting Father of a God, that was crucified then risen from the dead. So how can that same God die every year? I became older and later learned that the "dead God" thingy was just a ploy to shut me up back then.

Holy Week is a time to contemplate more on the sacrifice that Christ did for the world in order to save us from us sin and give everlasting life for those who believe in Him and accept Him as their personal Savior. No amount of self-penitence on your part would come close to His sacrifice so the bottom line is confess your sins directly to God, ask for forgiveness, and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

1 Timothy 2:5 (New International Version)

5For there is one God and one mediator between God and men,
the man Christ Jesus,

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Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Just Not Safe Anymore

It's just not safe to let our kids out by themselves at night. Two days ago,my youngest daughter with some of her girlfriends went to their friend's house to attend a birthday party. The house was about a block away from our house so there was no need to bring any form of transportation. About 10:30 P.M. my other children and I heard a commotion from one of our neighbor's front gate. When we went out to "investigate" we learned that a man suddenly appeared from nowhere and started to molest our neighbor's 18 year old daughter. The sex offender was able to get away and that was that. I immediately called my son to fetch his sister and her friends from the party.

Our house is located in a supposed-to-be safe area. Well, no more. Incidents of 'exhibitionists' and other offenders has been heard for quite a while now. I am glad I stumbled into a Sex Offender Lookup site where you can actually put in your zip code and the number of offenders within your locality would be presented. Detailed report such as names, addresses and offenses could also be had. Check out the site, put in your zip code and find sexual offenders in your area.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grace and Peace to You

Today's Scripture

“May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace” (2 Thessalonians 1:2, NLT).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria

People all over the world are searching for grace and peace. They are powerful forces in the life of the believer. First of all, we are saved by God’s grace through faith. We don’t deserve it and can’t earn His grace and forgiveness, but He gives it to us anyway. Grace is God’s favor that opens the door to salvation, but it doesn’t stop there. His grace is supernatural favor and empowerment to live the life God has called us to here on earth.

Peace is every bit as powerful. It’s not just a feeling; it’s a state of being. Peace means “to set at one again.” We are settled internally. And nothing externally can move us from our position of peace.

Receive His grace and peace today and declare it over the lives of the people around you. Remember, as you sow words of blessing into the lives of others, you’ll see that increase of harvest in your own life in return!

A Prayer for Today

Father in heaven, thank You for Your grace and peace at work in my life. I choose to stand in my position of peace by following your Word and staying in the plan You have for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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Lap Band System

Lap Band system is an option we've been considering for an obese niece. She's about 100 pounds overweight and is still on the rise. She has been an overweight child and many of us thought it was cute. Because she has been accustomed to eating a lot, she continued to eat a lot even when she's not hungry. For the past 8 years, she has went through different diets and exercise routines. No amount of dieting and exercise helped her lose the excess poundage. I checked on 1-800-GET-SLIM and found support communities for some tips and advice. I also read on some lap band testimonials and the reads are quite encouraging. The procedure is fairly safe and is advisable for those whose BMI is more than 27 and whose excess weight is 50 pounds and up. I better let my niece about this procedure and give her the link to a lap band before and after video for her to get encouraged.

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