Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of Doctors, Nurses and Nannies

There is a growing "conspiracy" here in Manila for middle and upper class mommies to "dress" their children's nannies in nursing scrubs! Most spas and health centers also choose to have their staff dressed in cheap scrubs too.

Where is the problem then? Well, now it is hard to figure out the nannies and spa attendants from nurses and doctors. They all wear scrubs! Go to a mall where there is a proliferation of young families with nannies in tow. These nannies are easy to spot for they wear the usual plain pants and colorful printed tops nursing uniforms.

There should not be a problem here as surely anyone is free to wear what he/she wants to wear. The problem is in the fact that doctors, dentists and nurses wear scrub suits too. D1 is a doctor while D3 is a dentist. They wear scrubs. One time we all met at ATC for dinner. Since they both came from work they were still wearing their scrubs. Ethan was with us and he chanced upon one of his classmates and his family. The young family had a baby and nanny with them. When they left, we all burst out laughing as the nanny was wearing the exact shade of scrubs that D1, the anesthesiologist, was wearing!

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