Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Now?

Is the end near? Is judgment day just around the corner? The signs have been more pronounced. The world is experiencing calamities in the form of hurricanes, typhoons, earthquake, war and famine. New drugs are being invented and produced to counter diseases but still, many are dying.

There are some bacteria-causing diseases that have morphed and became resistant to drugs. The price of gas is exorbitant. Same gender marriages are being legalized. winning argument in support of gay marriages is that homosexuals should have the same rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexual marriages. The Judeo-Christian belief in the teachings of the Bible regarding homosexuality has been conveniently disregarded. Oprah is putting up her own new-age religion. With millions of viewers worldwide, she might just hit it big time converting her viewers to her core beliefs.

Are we in the threshold of being another Sodom and Gomorrah? Are we all going to turn into pillars of salt or not? Are we still going to dissect the word of God, twisting it whichever way we can so we can righteously say that what we do is according or supported by the Bible? Are we now one of the growing numbers of unbelievers who support civil rights more than Christian rights?

What now is your moral compass?


Saph said...

It really seems like Jesus shall soon return, but still not quite as soon as we would think or like as our interpretation of time would be quite different from his. It's getting crazier and crazier in the world these days and it's pretty scary to think that it's only going to get worse. Lord help us through this time!

Lyon said...

Yeah as predicted in the bible (massive earthquakes and natural phenomenon).. not to mention the grand scale world war and the "ultimate" anti Christ.

Rather than assuming when the world is coming to an end, remember our mission on earth as Christians and know that God knows all of these and in control of everything!


desperateblogger said...

saph and iyon: thanks for the relevant comments.


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