Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Approach to Marriage Counseling

I have been a wedding principal sponsor or witness, many times over. When a couple try to get me as a principal sponsor to their wedding, my first question is why me? Most say, they want me to be a part of their new life together as man and wife. Some say, they want to be able to come to me and ask for my advice in different matters. Others say, well, they just want me to. Of course, I always say yes. I say, marriage is a great big step. It is not some event that needs to be done with in order to get on with your lives. It is an event that marks a new beginning.

Having been married for the last 28 years does not make me an expert on marriage per se. My marriage had its ups and downs on basically every aspect. I believe that marriage is a never-ending process of knowing your partner. I thought then that the getting-to-know phase would be short and sweet. How wrong I was!

Marriage counseling takes on a new form these days. Not so long ago, majority of married couples save marriage counseling as a last resort or not, to their marital problems. Today more married couples are enlightened on the crucial benefits of counseling. However, most counseling sessions are sometimes too long and painful. An innovation by Dr. Ellen Kreidman puts online marriage counseling in a new light. You might want to see for yourself samples of Dr. Ellen Kreidman's alternative technique.


Angeline said...

True! Many thinks that saying 'I do' is marriage, others feel the whole day of wedding ceremonies is marriage and some thinks that spending the night together as husband and wife is marriage, but many doesn't know that those are just the gate to a marriage which are the days to come in future after all those events.....

Jennifer Baxt said...

As a marriage and family therapist with an online counseling site myself and I am getting married in September. I am going through the premarital training and it is the first time that I have been in therapy myself. It is nice and I always feel better after leaving the office. Now, I know how my clients feel. I try to make online counselng easier for people and it is especially for couples with busy schedules and children at home. The one area that it is difficult is when you want individual counseling and feel like you have no privacy in your own home. Online counseling has made counseling readily available to more people and that makes me happy.

Portia said...

you must have been a very good person because they like you to be a ninang.hehehehe!i think being a sponsor has a responsibility to the couple --- morally, most especially. good for you!

desperateblogger said...

angeline, jennifer, portia: thanks for the comment. i do appreciate it!

liliann_haze said...

You should be honored! All these people appreciate you as the best friend of theirs and want you to act the part in their lives.


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