Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Father's Love

I knew that there was something special today, July 19. I know that it was my father-in-law's birthday. He passed away some seven years ago but my in-laws insist on celebrating it anyway. As I was blog hopping this morning, I read Juliana's post about her tatang. Truly, what she said about her father touched me.

I went about my usual Saturday errands when it suddenly hit me. July 19 here is July 18 in the US. Juliana's tatang died on the exact same day as my papa. What a coincidence I said to myself, then I cried. I so miss my papa, imperfect as he was. But I cried more for other fathers out there whose children will have nothing to say or reminisce about when they leave the world.

I stumbled on this video. It is a story of a father's undying and unconditional love for his son. The son told his dad that he wants to join a 5 K run. So they did. Then the son and father gradually progressed to 10K, 26K, 42K then ultimately the nightmare of all triathletes, the Ironman Triathlon. No big deal you might say. Great father-son bonding. Please watch it and be touched.

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BK said...

Although your father-in-law is no longer with you, but he will live forever in your heart.

That is an incredible video. I have it in my site too. It is amazing how his son keeps him going in those competition. How strong love can be.


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