Saturday, August 30, 2008

Web Hosting Sites Rated

My blog, Manna from Heaven is six months old. I have met some really cool fellow bloggers through this site. I have noticed that many of the bloggers I know are opting to buy domain names for their blogs. I have actually done the same with my first blog, bought a domain name. It is easy to but a domain name.There are many sites who offer domains in dot com, dot net, dot org, and others.The real dilemma is choosing a web host. A blogger's needs differ from one another. Getting a web host is really dependent on a blogger's requirements. Well, if you want the easy way out, you can just buy a domain name and get a free web host. However, your free host is limited in its capacity. A need for a truly capable web host is a must. is a site offering web hosting rating on various web host providers. The rating is based on customer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. Web Hosting Rating has a wide range of directory that includes information on all web hosting providers, their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers. It also has web hosting tutorials for newbies.

Do you know that there is a web programming language called Cold Fusion? CFML (cold fusion mark up language) is actually similar to HTML. Some web hosting sites use CFML for their hosting. gives our the 10 most trusted web host. Top is InMotion, followed by Webhostingpad, Globat, Bluehost then Yahoo. A cheap web host may be all that personal bloggers need. There are a lot of companies that provide quality web hosting service on some of the best servers available for budget prices. If you are considering on getting a web host, check out the site for more information and check out sites that are included in the roster of web hosting awards.

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