Saturday, January 3, 2009

Of Superstitions and Traditions

It is that time of the year again were superstitions, traditions, predictions, premonitions are "fashionable". So, what disasters are in store for 2009? What fashion trends will we veer to? What volcano will erupt? When will an earthquake hit California? Will the polar shifts happen? What will happen to the economy?

In 2008 there was a prediction that there will be a massive data meltdown. Computer networks, servers, credit cards numbers will be wiped out! The stock market will plunge. The anti-Christ will appear. Somebody famous will be assassinated.

Remember the Y2K on the onset of 2000? We were all frenetic regarding the disaster that the y2k bug will bring. Matter of fact, I was really anticipating the event. What happened? Nothing!

There is a Filipino old wives's tale that jumping as the clock strikes 12 on new year will make you taller.Not true. I've been jumping since time immemorial and I'm still 4" short of my ideal height of perfection. Your height actually depends on genetics and food supplements.

There is this belief that wearing polka-dot inspired dress or shirt or panties (?) on new year will bring in lots of money.Having 12 assorted fruits on the dining table on new year will likewise bring wealth for the coming year. What about those Chinese thingies that we hang on our doors and walls to ensure good luck and prosperity for the new year? Not true.Your financial status and stability will actually depend on your hard-work and perseverance.

Many say that there is nothing wrong with following traditions and superstitions. I say there is something wrong.

Do you know that every time you put your faith and hope in something inanimate your are making God unhappy?

I do not believe in fung shui, lucky charms, traditions, superstitions, fortune tellers, and old wives's tales.

There is no power greater and mightier that God. There is no amulet or any "lucky" charm more compelling than a sincere prayer to God.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in His promises. I believe in prayers.

My Faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and His unwavering grace will keep me and my family safe and secure. Lord, please bless each and everyone of us this year. Make us safe, healthy and wealthy. Amen!


Bendz said...


Wish you this new year gives you health and wealth.

Insurance Agent

mushroom-eater said...

Jesus is the only superstition or tradition we must believe in ^_^

Jona said...

correct! AMEN! nothing is even more powerful than God alone.
good day!

match1 said...

Nice news. Good side.


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