Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parents Connect!

It has always been my way to think of fun but educational activities for me and my kids. We used to do a lot physical activities like rollerblading, swimming, volleyball and even hopscotch! We used to own every known board game to play with some nights. Oh I bought some game consoles too. My kids are all grown up and I sometimes miss those days of sheer fun.

It is easier to search for activities for the whole family these days. For parents living in the US, there is a new and fun way for you and your kids to get involved in activities within your area. have found a way to gather and disseminate information about family events within a 60-mile radius from where you live. Getting involved in community activities is a good way of socializing for you and your family. A widget could be installed in your blog or any social networking site so that you won't have to painstakingly browse the net for fun activities for you and your family. The widget is updated so that all new activities can be viewed easily. Check out the link for more information. If you want to install the widget in your blog or social networking site, you can actually win $1000 if you logged in the most widget view!


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