Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BID-azzled on Christmas

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas is almost at our doorstep! I guess everyone is busy doing their last-minute shopping and attending to the myriad of little things that the holiday brings. Are you done with your Christmas list? Are there still some gifts that you need yo buy? Why not try Bidazzled?

The site is an innovative online auction site where you buy bids in advance and use them to bid on items up for online auction. This type of bidding is more known as Penny Auctions or Pay-Per-Bid auction. Let's say a laptop was up for auction. You bid on the laptop for a few cents while the clock ticks as other bidders send in their bids. When bid time is up then whoever pegged in the last bid wins. Lucky you if the last bid for the laptop happens to be yours.

Aside from being an auction site, Bidazzled is also a major sponsor of a lung cancer charity, The Ruch Foundation.You can check out the foundation at www.ruchfoundation and see how Bidazzled has helped this foundation.

Each bid is $1. If you get the bid pack of $25, considering all bonuses and free bids, your actual bid would only cost $0.67. If you get your bid pack now, you can avail if 15 more free bids until January 15,2010 if you use any of the following codes upon registration.

* Blog: BBP1202A
* Twitter: BTP1202

The site has a viral referral program that would give you a passive income once you start referring members to the site. Check the site out.

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