Friday, February 5, 2010


There are some minor renovations that are ongoing in my house right now. It all started when the refrigerator short-circuited which in turn burnt the unit. There was nothing really wrong with the electric wiring in the house. What went wrong was the cord was bitten by a mouse which in turn exposed the wire thereby causing it spark that eventually burn the unit. By the time I was aware of what was happening one wall of the kitchen was already on fire.

The fire was put out. The ref was a total wreck that I needed to buy a new one. Refrigerators are quite expensive and the choices are so varied it's hard to choose which one was best for the house. In times like this, it would have been a great help if I had some Savings Home Depot coupons. I would have saved a bunch if I had coupons for Home Depot. So I bought the refrigerator and it is now sitting mighty proud in its repainted corner.

The kitchen was looking so nice and fresh with its new paint and new refrigerator. I felt the urge to repaint the utility room too and then the basement. The minor repainting has not stopped for now I want to get some new odds and ends at Target. I wonder how many coupons at Target I need to get a major discount on a LCD TV.


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