Thursday, October 9, 2008

From Florida with Love

A package arrived for me the other day. It was post marked from Florida. Who could have sent me a package? I know some people in Florida but they're my online friends and definitely have no inkling of my physical address. I signed for the package. I just hope the contents are intact. I won an online contest about 2 months ago and my prize sent by slow mail had one item missing. As I signed and read the form, I was pleasantly surprised that the package came from my childhood friend. She and her family came over to USA and finally settled in Jacksonville, Florida about 10 years ago.

She has a daughter and she is now a happy grandmom of one cute baby boy. We last saw each other about 4 years ago. She came home to attend the wedding of a niece. We had a blast when she was here. Our girlfriends and us had an overnight stay in one fancy hotel and we all acted as teeners. That was fun! She and her husband are earning enough to afford a new house and two cars. She said they were able to find in Florida Marketing jobs that paid well. My friend was actually a registered nurse but she opted to change careers for the pay and challenge. I am glad that she and her husband are doing well now. There was a time that they were in a complete financial jam for both of them were unemployed. Thankfully, they have only a daughter to worry about. They were able to pass through those difficult times because of their unwavering faith and trust in God. Friends and relatives helped them too. When things seem to be all going downhill, God's help came. Their US immigration petition papers came through and in no time, they were on an airplane bound for USA.

She sent me "women" stuff: cologne, lotion, face cream and bath oil. And it's not even my birthday.

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paulvr173cm said...

What career did she change to?


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