Friday, October 3, 2008

A Premiere Online School

There is an ongoing trend of furthering ones education through online education. Why? there are several reason and the first of which is it is highly convenient. There's no need for you to commute to and from school saving you on time and money. You get your education at the most convenient time too. There are a lot of online schools offering different courses. The question now is are all there online education facilities credible? I don't know the credibility of other schools but I do know that Nouveau University is one such school.

Founded by Jim and Mary Piccolo and Bob Synder, the school's mission is to teach busy working professionals and business owners technical skills to further their careers. They searched for economic and business professional who could help them put up and support their dream. Thus Nouveau University was born. The online university offers Associate of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration. The curriculum was designed to meet a student's ultimate professional and personal aims with excellence. Currently, Dr. Laura Palmer Noone is the CEO of Nouveau University. Dr. Noone was the former president of the largest private university in the world, University of Phoenix. Led by a premiere academician, the University has no way to go but UP!

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