Monday, November 24, 2008

Sad Monday

This is a repost from my other blog.

I received a sad news today. A friend, after years of battle with cancer, finally succumbed to the disease. The other day, I expressed my thought against same sex marriage in a blog I frequent. Someone did not like my view and left a comment on the said blog and in my other blog too. She said "what is it to me if gays marry." She said it will not affect my life. She said that I'm ignorant and a professing Christian. She said that I "spew" hatred but I don't see how. I was not cursing or condemning anyone. My being against same sex marriage has nothing to do with gays. It has something to do with my religious belief. If I say no to my child's request, does that mean I hate my child? If I do not agree to same sex marriage, does that mean I hate gays? Will my hatred cure cancer?

There are so many advocacies fighting for different causes. Some are petty, some are life changing. If I were to chose, I'd support advocacies that would promote world peace, ease poverty and world hunger, ban abortion, promote family planning so as to avoid abortion, education for all, find a cure for cancer and other deadly and incurable diseases, and others. If gays want to marry and the government finally allows it, so be it. But I will never consent to it for I know it will not cure cancer.


Tom Usher said...


Here's my latest post on the subject:


Your point about saying no to your child not being indicative of hating your child is solid.


Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church

desperateblogger said...

tom usher: thanks for the link. i've started to read the series.


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