Sunday, February 8, 2009

Eyeglasses for Ethan

I finally had to take Ethan to an optometrist for eye refraction. He has been complaining of headaches and blurry vision for the past couple of months and the frequency of the complaint has been increasing these past couple of weeks. I was not really surprised to find out that Ethan is nearsighted. My son and brother were also diagnosed for nearsightedness at about the same age as Ethan is now, 6.

Ethan needs prescription eyeglasses. I know that Zenni Optical is the best online store where I could get made-to-order prescription eyewear for Ethan. The New York Times online even has an article about the ways and means of not going bankrupt because of the high cost of prescription eyeglasses and Zenni Optical was recommended as the "one" to get a backup eyeglasses. So I asked for Ethan's prescription from the optometrist so that I colud order a backup pair from Starting at $ 8, the pair of eyeglasses is a steal! I need to choose a hip and sturdy pair for Ethan.

I browsed the site and found the perfect frame for Ethan. It is a children's bendable titanium with Rx lenses. It is extremely light and durable with a 180 degrees full-swing hinges. The frame retains its shape well even with constant "battering" from its young user. Perfect!

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