Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Married People Chat Too

I was online and was in one social networking site one late night and guess who I saw logged in at midnight? My son! He was supposed to be studying for an exam and there he was chatting the night or early morning away. When I IM him he said he was on 'recess'. What's with online chatting? People, young and old seem to be hooked on online chatting. It has become the preferred way of communicating aside from text messaging.

There are a lot of chat rooms and sites online today. Name your specifications and chances are there is a chat room for you. When online chatting was new I used to frequent the known sites then and hop from one room to another looking for interesting people to interact with. Not much luck there as the 'chatters' were diverse. Today there are a lot of chat rooms that suit one's needs and status. I have heard of Married Chat Rooms where married people can meet and chat. It would be nice to exchange ideas and maybe stories with married people of different ages and nationalities. Membership is free. I guess I better consider joining this group of web chatters.

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