Sunday, October 4, 2009


The flood that hit Metro Manila brought havoc to tens and thousands of families. Some lost their homes,while others are still in the process of getting "it" all back together - cleaning their homes which were submerged in flood waters.

A nephew has lost all of this material possessions when the flash flood hit his house. He, his wife and their daughter were not able to save anything, only themselves. Their two cars are out there somewhere for the strong current took the cars parked in front of their house. The sad thing about the cars are that they are brand new and the insurance does not cover fortuitous events.

My nephew is considering used cars options now. Either he sells the cars or buy a car through it. He said he has been checking out deals online as it's easier. An option to rent or lease is also offered on the site as options to buy new or used cars. He said there are also competitively rated insurances offered too. I suggested that whatever he decides on, buy used or new, he should get an insurance that includes fortuitous events clause.

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