Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy e-book Search

Isn't internet technology amazing and convenient? There's no real need for one to bury his head on books just to get some minute information about specific topics. One can just type in the subject on a search engine and wall! - out comes a string of websites for the subject matter. I enjoy surfing the net for sites where I could learn a few new things and then some. However, searching for specific e-book online is quite frustrating. One could be tied up on the net for hours looking for that specific download-able e-book about Biomechanics! It is good that a new website called search pdf that could help an "e-book searcher" with his dilemma. Go to the site, type in the title of the e-book, it's author then extract the file. The search site has a vast collection of e-books in it's data base.

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AlexNorman said...

You correctly have written. But I same prefer megaupload search enginethere it is possible to find something much faster. And a database is very big...


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