Friday, March 6, 2009

About Plastic Surgery

A close friend of mine asked me if the Bible has anything to say about a Christian having plastic or cosmetic surgery. That made me think and actually research on the question. I found nothing in the Bible indicating that plastic surgery is wrong. But I do believe that there are several things that one needs to consider before deciding whether or not to have a procedure than for the plastic or cosmetic surgery is a major operation. There are several simple questions that should be addresses before a decision is made. Firstly, one had to decide what procedure one wants done for oneself or for a family member. Secondly, who would do the operation? Are you willing to go wherever it is just to ensure the best possible surgeon for you? Do you really know what cosmetic surgery means? If you have other problems or questions related to cosmetic surgery, check out Cosmetic Surgery Forum. The forum has several topic and points of discussions that could help answer questions about plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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