Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Silver Cutlery

I was cleaning one of the kitchen cabinets when I noticed an upholstered bag hidden in between shelves. It can't be! Is it really the long-lost silver cutlery set given by my dear-departed father? That set was given to me as a house-warming gift some 24 years ago. I last used the set about 10 years ago and deemed it lost (or stolen) when I wanted to use it at daughter #1's graduation dinner. So! I'ts not lost after all. Just misplaced. My silver is quite good quality wise but how I wish my set is an Arthur Price.

Arthur Price of England cutlery is one of the finest. Each piece has perfect poise, balance and weight. All pieces are handcrafted from three top materials: stainless steel, silver plate and the premium sterling silver. The company boasts of a wide array of design and materials for silver cutlery. There's the very simple Baguette, Britannia to the ornate Kings and Ritz all of 16 designs. It is imperative to keep all silver cutlery in cutlery cabinets for protection. To complement the each set are what you call hostess accessories like cake knife, cake lifter, butter knife, cheese knife, steak and tea knives and more. Handmade and hallmarked by gifted silversmiths, who would not love to have a set?

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