Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Senior Chat Rooms for my Friends

I was at the hospital the other day visiting my friend. She was confined due to a foot infection that would not go away. She is diabetic and is on insulin twice daily. The little scratch in her big toe grew out to be a monster of an infection. She had no recourse but to had it surgically treated.

A month ago, another close friend sent me an SMS message- one word- HELP!. I immediately dropped what I was doing and ran to her house as it was only a few houses down my street. I found her sprawled on the bathroom floor - paralyzed with pain. I then called my daughter, the doctor, and asked her to send an ambulance for my friend. Top cut a long story short, the fall compressed a vertebra and she is now on a body brace.

Two of my closest friends - immobile and bored to death by their predicament. We've been praying together for their speedy recovery and so far they are doing well. To alleviate boredom I suggested that they go online to browse and surf. I even joked that they should try joining Senior Chat Rooms. They were not against the thought of chat rooms, but the senior bit got into them. Hahaha. I know they're a still more than a decade away from the bracket but seriously, they have more in common with the seniors than they would want to admit. They are educated, decent, and have time on their hands to chat about anything under the sun. Go Seniors!

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