Monday, July 6, 2009

Clutter Fix

Having five kids sure made me accumulate so much stuff -junk and non-junk- over the years. Every so often, I try to de-clutter my house but it's just not enough. My family buy things like clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings on a regular basis. Somehow, giving away old clothes, shoes and toys to charity is easier that throwing away old scraps and crafts done by my kids. My kids were actually surprised to find my old grade school and their old grade school report cards safely tucked in one of my drawers.

One of my close friends has lived for a number of years abroad. She and her family have accumulated so much things like furniture, paintings and other art works. Since her family is constantly on the move she got a Self Storage unit for the things that "need" to be stored. Such facilities like the Self Storage Facilities Phoenix AZ offer a great value for your money. The units are fenced-in with your own access code and lighted easy access driveways. Extra high lights are climate-controlled units and drive-up accessible units. These and more are offered atStorage Rentals Phoenix AZ. Do you want to clean-up your house without really throwing anything away? Check out the link.

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