Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Submitting URLs to Website Directories

If you have not submitted your blog(s) to any website directory, where have you been all this time? For your blog or website to get noticed and listed, you have to submit your site to different directories. Now, if you are in business and your blog or site is the forefront of your business, submitting to a business web directory is important. Submitting your site for listing will make it easier for browsers (potential clients) to find your site. A good web directory would have categories and sub-categories for you to have your site listed. Sample categories are: Arts and Humanities with sub-categories in Architecture, Galleries, Visual Arts and more. Most of these directories are free and require link backs. As directories really scrutinize each submitted URL, it is best to submit to as many free website directories are possible. Example of free web directories are DMOZ and Yahoo Directories. If you are a mom blogger like me, there are numerous mom blogs directories online too.

I have submitted both my blogs to a number of SEO friendly web directory. All I had to do was submit my blog's URL, description tag, meta-tag (if you have)to a category and sub-category that best suit my blogs. Some directories' approve at once. Some, like DMOZ, takes forever to approve. There are two simple ways to generate hits and attract visitors to a site. First, you can set up your own directory and have thousands on backlinks. Second, you can submit your site to directories to increase web traffic to your site thus giving your site a higher ranking on search engines. There are two ways to submit to website directories too. You can submit your blog to hundreds of directories yourself or you can pay someone ( website directory submitters). Either way, your site's URL will be in hundreds of website directories.

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Stuff could always be worse said...

Yes you are right about directories helping you find other blogs. I guess that is how we found each other. I use Linkreferral most of the time.


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