Thursday, July 16, 2009

Satellite TV for Hotels

Ethan and I went on a short trip overseas. My brother and mother decided to give me a short all-expense trip to Hong Kong. It was quite a tiring and hectic trip for there was such a short time to see all there is to see. Ethan did not even to get to go to Ocean park but he enjoyed Disneyland HK. We were booked in a real fancy five-star hotel. Our room was wi-fi ready but since I did not bring a laptop, the wi-fi was pretty much useless to me. I watched television instead during evenings and that did not satisfy me either. The hotel's cable TV provider was no good. There were only about 30 channels to choose from - and that is far too few for me. The hotel should have gotten a Satellite TV instead of cable! Why? For one, satellite tv has more channels and better quality pictures, and a high definition programming. Believe it or not, satellite tv is cheaper than cable tv. I should have suggested to the management for them to get Direct TV. The company has special offers for five-star hotels. The company offers free equipment and free installation to New Satellite TV Subscribers. Tired of the limitations of cable TV? Check out Direct TV.

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