Saturday, March 1, 2008

Manna from Heaven

Manna: 1. the food miraculously supplied to the Israelites in the wilderness. Ex. 16:14–36.
2. any sudden or unexpected help, advantage, or aid to success.

When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt they did not have the time nor the resources to to bring food for their long journey to the promised land. The journey took forty years! No amount of preparation would have helped the Hebrews pack food and water. They were numbering in thousands. There just no way to feed all of them.

Until God.

Every morning, manna can be gathered after the dew is gone. The Bible said that it was the food eaten by the Hebrew during their journey through the desert. The divine supply of manna was one of the miracles of God to show favor to the fleeing Israelites.

Today, there is no manna that we can gather every morning to eat. However, there is another form of manna that God freely gives. We receive help or aid and given advantages that sometimes we really cannot fully comprehend and sometimes do not deserve.

Manna from Heaven. Help and love from Above.

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