Monday, March 3, 2008


We pray. We implore. We beg. We get impatient. Then we get mad. This is usually the chain of events and emotions we go through when we seek for Divine Grace and intervention.

In this era of nano technology communication through electronic mails, SMS, or long distance phone calls by internet or by regular path, can be had in split second. Almost everything is automated. With a few dial twist, the laundry is done. A click of the microwave knob and the pre-cooked-frozen lasagna is good to eat in seconds. There is proliferation of one-day mail and instant-money-send shops everywhere,The sonic boom has been redefined to super sonic boom. Man is gearing for to do everything in an accelerated pace.

So used are we to the speedy conclusion of all matters that we deem the Lord is working ever so slowly to accomplish His purpose in our lives. Think. Grand designs take time. The Chinese did not build the Great Wall in a year or two. It took 20 years to finish it. The famous St. Peter's Basilica took over a 100 years to finish. The roster of architects kept redesigning and rebuilding the church for they wanted the very best for the Lord.

Great things take a long time to plan, execute and finish. Wait patiently for the Lord. He will give you what is best - in His time!

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Sunny Ellis said...

Patience is such a difficult thing. The root of it is learning to trust that God is in control and actually knows what he is doing with my life. It takes a lot of trust.


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