Friday, April 11, 2008

#1 Movie of all Time

What do you think is the most watched movie of all time? The Titanic? No. But the movie had grossed over $ 600,000,000.00! Wow! What about Starwars? No. But the 1977 movie earned well over $ 450,000,000.00. Oh wow!

I am not referring to the money earned by theses two top-grossers of all time. Note. I said, the most watched movie of all time.

The film is a 1979 movie called Jesus. It depicts the life of Jesus according to the gospel of Luke. It had a budget of $ 6,000,000 only but this movie's role in worldwide evangelization is priceless.

According to the New York Times,The Jesus Film is the most-watched motion picture of all time. The Jesus Film Project states that The Jesus Film has been viewed almost 5.6 billion times (including repeat viewings). This is based on the following criteria:

• The 1,026 DVDs, VCDs, and audio-only translations of The Jesus Film;
• The number of showings by the Jesus Film Project's volunteer film teams, who have presented the film in 229 nations; and
• The over 230 million people have either converted to Christianity or vowed to convert after viewing the film.
Now you know. The # 1 bestseller book is the Bible. The #1 watched movie is Jesus!

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the donG said...

hmmmm... interesting. haven't watch this movie yet. do we find this on regular video shops?


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