Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Childlike Faith

At the age of two I started to teach Ethan how to pray. The prayers are simple but I guess had no real meaning to a toddler just starting to talk. I always start my prayer with Ethan by saying Thank you Jesus for today and so on.

As Ethan grew older and perhaps sire, he started to ask who Jesus is. In the simplest terms possible I explained that Jesus is the son of God. Of course that started another round of questions like who is God?

It was hard explaining to a child the essence of God, or so I thought.

Yesterday, I told Ethan that my very dear cousin is gravely sick. I told him that I am so sad. Ethan asked if my cousin has medicines and doctors. I said yes. Then mom, all we have to do is ask Jesus to make her well, Ethan said.

I was dumbfounded! Here, is a five-year-old boy showing me unwavering and unfailing faith to a God who I thought he cannot comprehend.

Praise you Jesus! Amen!


bulitas said...

the innocence of a child never falters to inspire me.
that's so great of you to teach your child to pray at such an early age.
god bless.
i pray that your cousin gets well soon

the donG said...

amazing how children knows Jesus that way. perfect faith.


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