Friday, April 18, 2008

My Secret

If I were to recount all the trials that life brought me, you might not believe it. If I tell you, as I seem to happily blog everyday, that I am full of problems, you might not believe me too.

But I do have problems. My life is not easy. I sometimes have sleepless nights thinking of ways and means to my problems. Nevertheless, it is seldom that you'll see me defeated. Somehow I still find the inspiration to bounce back. Why? I have a secret that is not a secret, actually.

We serve a great and mighty God. He can make a way when there seems to be no way! He was able to create the world out of nothing! How easy would it be for Him to breathe a whiff of sunlight to our sometimes dark lives. He is my secret.

There is power in your words, in your prayers. Have faith and expectancy. Let your life be filled with peace that passes all understanding. God loves you and me!


Portia said...

I believe you,my friend. And who don't have problems? All of us got.

I wanna thank you,by the way to your nice comment, re:polygamy is okay? i love your comment!

the donG said...

I agree. Sometimes very very big problems but i always cling on this:

"avoid telling God how big your probelms are bu instead tell your problems how big our GOD is".

hard times makes us very strong and that's something we need a lot.

more pain... great gain.

you are not alone in this struggle.

the donG said...

one last thing... don't get to attracted to satan's strategic ways coz as what i know, satan's is the prince of exaggerations. he always exaggerates problems so that it will look so BIG when we face it.

careful with his tactics.


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