Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hong Kong It Is!

Hooray! My brother just called and he said he would pay for my airfare and hotel accommodations in Hong Kong.A niece of mine will be arriving from LA to Manila on July 4. She and a cousin of mine have planned a trip to Manila to Hong Kong and back from July 13 to 16. The two have decided to avail of the super low air fare rates offered by a leading airline company. In line with this, they have asked me to join their trip. The thing is I have just paid for my son's tuition fees and other pertinent items. Even if I have the extra money, I don't think it's wise to spend it all. My brother heard about my predicament and he graciously offered to pay for my trip.

I've checked out some hotel online and I landed on Accor Hotels City Super Sale website. The chain of hotels is offering up to 60% discount off their regular prices. The hotel has chain and affiliate hotels like Novotel, Four Seasons, Sofitel, and more scattered all over 27 countries in 10 cities in Asia and Australia. I think I will book at Hotel Ibis North Point in Hong Kong. At a rate of $45.oo per day, the offer is great. You might want to check out the site soon as the offer is for online bookings from June 23-29 bookings for reservations good for July 10 to September 30, 2009.


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Mikes said...

nice one! When I went to HK, i really had a great time! Don't miss the peak!


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