Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scrub Mags Summer

It is summer in the northern hemisphere and what better way to greet it by dressing and grooming appropriately for the season. If you want healthy tips to good "summer" living and more then hop over to Scrubs. The online magazine Scrub Mags discusses various tips and guides to health, mind, beauty, style, work, love and more as written by professional nurses or student nurses. The site also includes stories, insights, reviews and current news about a wide range of subjects and topics that could help its readers lead clean and healthy and beautiful lives especially this summer.

There's an article about waking up looking younger. Now, who would not want that?! The article gave a five-point guideline about the topic. Foremost is you must never-ever go to sleep without washing your face as make-up clogs the pores. It is also essential to use moisturizer to lessen the fine wrinkles on the face. Are you one of those sleep on their tummies? Well, better change that habit as sleeping on your face will cause you more wrinkles.

I also read the story about a nurse's about the importance of grooming oneself before going to work. She shares that putting on lipstick and mascara could make the difference between looking well-groomed and sloppy. Check out the sight for more tips and real entertaining nurses' tales.


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