Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Right Price at Every Price

When you become a mom, you become a hunter... that is, a bargain hunter. Mommies are always on the look out for the best buys, lowest priced, whale-of-a-sale, and what-have-you. I bet it's every mom's wish that everyday is a Black Friday! Bargain hunting has become easier over the years, thanks to internet technology. A bargain conscious mom could very well just type any commodity or item she wants and presto! - a string of all sites carrying the item comes out. However, there is a new site I found that is incredibly helpful in finding the lowest priced item even on a "non-sale" day. Every Price is a price comparison network. Search for an item and out comes the pricing of the item on three sites with a recommendation on site that sells if for less. One could actually purchase the said item without leaving Every Price.

The site is easy to navigate. There are items under Photo, Jewelry, Electronics, Computers, Home and Garden, Travel, Musical Instruments and more. I have always wanted a Wii Console. I searched for the item and out came three comparative prices with a recommendation on the site that sells if for less. Great huh?!I suggest you check out the site.

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