Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Remodeling the Staircase

My cousin is at it again... remodeling her house. Every two to three years she gets the itch to do something new for her house. A couple of years ago, she had the master suite done. Big bay windows were installed and a the toilet and bath enlarged. Four or five years ago, she had a trellis put up in her garden and a rooftop added to the utility area. This year, this month to be precise, she wants her old dark staircase changed. She wants to tear down the retaining wall of the staircase to open up the view from the second floor to the ground floor and vice versa. Finding the right contractor is a problem as of now.

If only she lives in greater Chicago then finding the right contractor for the project would be a breeze. Budget Pros is a Chicago Remodeling company that specializes in outdoor and indoor home remodeling, kitchen and bath Remodeling and even garage remodeling. It is best to be specific as to the type and scope of job that you want for the contractor's right quotation. Make sure that the remodeling contractor has the necessary updated permits and licenses for the job. Draw a contract as this would be to both you and contractor's benefit. Is it time to remodel your home?


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree some just like change. It is good to get a contract with reputable contractor.

Angelle Marshall said...

Mainly we don't go fore remodeling stairs which is the main part of in remodeling home.
Good Day


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