Monday, May 11, 2009

Busted Hot Water Line

I received a call from one of my former clients the other day. She said her main bathroom is not receiving any hot water at all. I asked her if the rest of the house's faucets are and she answered yes. Now, that set me thinking. What could have happened? As an architect I basically do all the floor plans of a house including its electrical,plumbing and sanitary layout. There's no reasons for the main bathroom not to get hot water from the main boiler room unless some form of a blockage happened in the hot water line. I called the plumbing sub-contractor who did the actual layout and he found an accumulation of sandy precipitation in the pipes.

It is always handy and practical to get the services of s qualified plumber for new water pipe layout and repairs. If you're living within the are of Atlanta it's best to get the services of an Atlanta Plumbing company like TAPP Plumbing for your: Water heater Installation, Water main replacement/Repair, Leak Detection & Repair, Toilet Replacement/Upgrade to low flow flush, Fixture exchanges (faucets, tub & shower valves) and even for tips and ways for Water Conservation. Finding the right plumber for the job is easy enough. Make sure that he has the proper licenses and insurance coverage for the job. On your part make sure that you are specific with the scope of work and any budget limitations you may have.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I am so glad you helped your friend.

chimp said...

Leaking faucets are very hassle in our house. This would cause accidents and injuries when not fixed immediately. Also, you would not notice until your water bill will be delivered to your house that your consumption has increased. This is because of the spilling of water due to your leaking faucets.


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