Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paint Job

I am a certified DIY - do-it-yourself(er). I like to tinker and putter about the house and garden fixing and sprucing up things. I even tried my hand on actually painting the interior of our house as it's easy enough. The only problem that I encountered was how to paint the "high" parts like the ceiling and top of the walls and cabinets. I am a very resourceful person but I know when to hire a professional painter when I do need one. Why? For one thing I do not possess the right equipment like scaffolding, high ladder, and compressor for real tough painting jobs.

Hiring an Atlanta Painter is the most practical thing you can do when you want a professional-looking paint job. Painting our home is a routine maintenance job but a botched job defeats the purpose. Believe me when I say that not everyone can paint! Look for the right Atlanta painter through the yellow pages or the internet. Finding one would be easy enough but finding the right one for the job might take some probing. Tell the painter the scope of the work to be done for the quotation and estimate. Make sure the painter has his licenses and permits in order. If you have decided that the painter is the right contractor for you make sure the contract drawn has a guarantee on the paint job.

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