Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Furniture and Fixtures

My bathroom needs remodeling. The tiles are old and chipped. The water closet vintage and the bathroom vanities needs a total "facelift". There are a lot of new bathroom fixtures and amenities that are available today. My head just spins every time I window shop or browse online for new things and gadgets for the house. While I am at it, I also need new bedroom furniture or more specifically a new bed. My bed is of metal and I feel like I want to exchange it a modern bed - sleek and zen-like. I like the clean lines of the bed and its matching night tables and dresser. Beautiful! I wish I could avail of the ongoing slash/clearance sale ongoing in this furniture shop online. Interested? Click on the link for more information on the current clearance sale. You might want to look at more items on sale. I myself am interested in the outdoor couches on sale. Go to the site and look for the yellow-green outdoor couch. I just love it! The couch would be perfect for my trellised terrace. I could put in some blue and orange throw pillows and whalla! I would have one heck of an inviting and tranquil outdoor space. Check out the site. You won't regret it.


Stuff could always be worse said...

It is pretty but out of my price range. I hope you can get what you want.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bedroom Furniture Beds are available at Spacify. You must have a look...They are stylish and durable.

Stephen said...

I love my home!! I recently redecorate it with new furniture and decorative stuff!!


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