Friday, May 1, 2009

The Beauty of Landscaping

I have just spend an overnight rest and recreation with some of my childhood girl friends. We left early Thursday morning and left Friday late afternoon. The place we went to was awesome. It was a beach front with villas or casas one can rent for overnight accommodation. The place was staffed by efficient and smiling personnel all willing to see to their guest's needs. The food was delicious as evident of the buffet and ala carte menu. What struck me most about the place was the beautiful landscaping of the whole resort. Hills and mountains were contoured to build access roads from the main roads. The landscape architect and his staff must have really sweated out the design and layout of the resort.

Are you one of those who love to see beautiful scenery as you look out your window? Well, you could either start planning your garden or you could actually call an expert. Narrow Leaf Inc. is the prime Albuquerque Landscaping company in the said area and its vicinity since 1990. The company's mission is to serve its clients to the fullest by giving you the best possible design to your indoor or outdoor garden and landscape at the most reasonable price.

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When it comes to landscaping and labor intensive work I always bring out the bad boy toys. After destroying two back ends in my truck I finally decided to purchase some heavy duty equipment to help me on my way. I have found my dump truck and bucket truck to be very helpful with trimming tall trees and removing the debris from my yard.


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