Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inter Racial Friends

I have met quite a number of mommy bloggers who have found their life partners online. Technology has redefined boy meets girl or girl meets boy. There are chat rooms, online dating forum communities, and even online posting services for you to meet the man or woman of your dream. There are also countless social networking sites where you can post your profile and hopefully gain new friends in the process.

There are probably millions out there who go online to find friends or their perfect partner. Knowing a few mommy bloggers changed my perception on "online" friendship and romance. These mommies are happy raising a family with their husbands they met online. A former nanny of my nephew is now in New Jersey living with her American husband. A former neighbor met her husband online too. A very good friend of mine left her dental practice in Manila to marry then man of her dreams whom she met in a chat room. There are hundreds of sites catering to online chatting. If you want to meet people of different nationalities, I suggest It is a free interracial chat where no membership fee is asked for. You can search for free and hopefully find a friend or two who you can chat up.

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