Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Online Christian High School

Choosing the right school for our kids has become an ordeal. It used to be that we just enroll our children to the nearest public or private school in our vicinity. The many horror stories involving school incidents brought rise to homeschooling our kids. I know personally of some moms who chose to homeschool their kids for safety reasons and for them to integrate Christian teachings to their kids. It's quite ironic that the United Stated was founded on Christianity yet now the same government cater to the whims and unreasonable demands of non-Christians.

A new national online Christian high school is set to open fall of 2009. St. Mark's Academy is a 100% online high school that offers a course work integrated with Christian education and leadership. It is not a homeschool supplement but a complete high school complete in curriculum and perfect for diploma-seeking students. The school is an alternative for those who do not thrive in traditional approach in education.

The school has a 24/7 on-demand access to instructors most of whom have masteral or doctorate degrees. The online school would give each student the freedom to learn at his own pace. Currently the school is offering a full scholarship to deserving students. Find out more by clicking the link.


Jill said...

my two high school students do and we've been happy with it. We have a community college nearby to finish off their high school years. I like your blog!

lesli said...

I recently was introduced to St. Mark's as well. I have been extremely impressed with all that I have seen so far. They have included elements in the curriculum that I have not seen in other online academies - great entry! Thanks for sharing! I encourage any of you parents to check it out - online education is an incredible option for kids these days!


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