Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drippy April

It's not supposed to rain here in the Manila in April as April is the middle of summer season. It has been scorching hot for the past weeks. Heaven itself opened up her arms and let the rainfall to shower the melting crops. However, I am caught unprepared by the heavy rains. I have not done any roof gutter cleaning yet that the said gutters were brimming with rotten leaves from the mango trees near the house. The filled gutters caused the rainwater to overflow to the ceiling. There are holes in the roofing too that need fixing. I need to call in a reliable roofer to take care of the holes and leaks before great damage occurs.

It is better to have small leaks and holes fixed at once. Left in a state of disrepair, the cost of fixing the damage would escalate over time. It is best to call in an experienced roofer. If you are near or within the vicinity of Fort Worth, Texas, it is best to call in a Fort Worth Roofing expert. Palafox Roofing and General Contractor is a reliable roof installation servicing the area of Forth Worth. The company also accepts roof repair and the likes. Check the site out for more information.

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