Friday, April 17, 2009

Of Noontime Shows and Winnings...

Okay.Guilty! I with daughters # 3, 4 and Ethan watched a daily noontime show, live! I was able to secure a VIP pass from a friend whose husband works in a national television studio. I admit that I have no affinity whatsoever in noontime variety shows and to tell the truth, I was not expecting much. How wrong I was? Very! The show turned out to be fun as the host was all hyped! There were contests where studio audiences were picked. We were quite disappointed that not one of us was picked for the price money was anywhere from 5,000 pesos to 50,000 pesos. My seatmate, a 17 year old girl was picked to participate in one of the games and she won a whopping 20,000 pesos. She was with her four other girlfriends and their excitement was way beyond control as they were screaming and jumping. What the heck! We jumped and screamed with them too! What was nice was the girl thanked God on air for the blessings that she received. She said that she is about to enter college the cash price would indeed be helpful.

Daughter # 4 took her picture and I asked her if I could blog about her. She was all excited and said yes. She asked for my url and told me that she is mostly online when at home She has joined several chat rooms and she enjoys chatting for she gets to meet other kids her age. I told her to join Punk Chat Room as membership is free and she would be able to join not one but several punk chat rooms. She said she would take a look at the site and join.

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