Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Summer is Here

The heat is melting me! It is so hot,humid and airless. Locking myself up in an air-conditioned room is an option but that would be impractical. The living room and dining room have its own window-type air-conditioning units too but in times like this how I wish my house has an HVAC system. HVAC is an acronym for "heating, ventilating, and air conditioning". It is a sort of a system that controls the "climate" within residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The primary use of HVAC is to regulate room temperature, humidity, and air flow, ensuring that such elements remain within ideal ranges. HVAC systems use ventilation air ducts installed throughout a building that supply conditioned air to a room through rectangular or round outlet vents.

A company called Extreme Heating and Air and Roofing is a leader in Dallas HVAC-Air-Conditioning. The owner, Steve Glover has been in the business for the past 19 years. Any new installation goes to rigid physical inspection of the area, estimate its heat load and other checklist before quoting the project. Aside from HVAC systems, Extreme also specializes in Roofing Replacement, Roofing Repairs, Air Conditioning Replacement and Air Conditioning Service. Looking for a qualified HVAC contractor? Click the link above.

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