Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Just Not Safe Anymore

It's just not safe to let our kids out by themselves at night. Two days ago,my youngest daughter with some of her girlfriends went to their friend's house to attend a birthday party. The house was about a block away from our house so there was no need to bring any form of transportation. About 10:30 P.M. my other children and I heard a commotion from one of our neighbor's front gate. When we went out to "investigate" we learned that a man suddenly appeared from nowhere and started to molest our neighbor's 18 year old daughter. The sex offender was able to get away and that was that. I immediately called my son to fetch his sister and her friends from the party.

Our house is located in a supposed-to-be safe area. Well, no more. Incidents of 'exhibitionists' and other offenders has been heard for quite a while now. I am glad I stumbled into a Sex Offender Lookup site where you can actually put in your zip code and the number of offenders within your locality would be presented. Detailed report such as names, addresses and offenses could also be had. Check out the site, put in your zip code and find sexual offenders in your area.

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