Monday, April 13, 2009

After Holy Week...

Holy Week is over. What did you do in remembrance of Christ's Passion? In our church we have the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, The Seven Last Words on Good Friday and of course the Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday. I grew up observing these and more. I attended Sunday School and Church services religiously. I learned the Bible through the numerous stories I heard in Sunday School, the Bible Studies I attended the hard core back to back reading that I did when I was a lot older. My kids are well-versed in numerous Bible Stories because of the books that I bought for them. When they got older I gave them Daily Bread for their devotions.

Recently I was discussing with a friend that more and more youth are finding it boring to read the Bible. I have observed that even my kids are not keen on studying the Bible by themselves. It's good that I stumbled on a book that suggests 40+ ways to study the Bible. The new book is titled Learn to Study the Bible by Pastor Andy Deane. I browsed the site and found sample chapters with hand written notes on how to dissect the verses. I like it! The methods shown by Pastor Andy are not actually mind-blowing as most of us have used some of the methods. The good part is that every method is explained and pointers are given on how to implement the methods more effectively. Hop on over to the site and order a book today.

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