Saturday, April 11, 2009

Of TIA and Anime

I was confined at the hospital for three days couple of weekends ago. I asked my girls to take me to the ER when I felt a tingling sensation and then numbness on the left side of my body- head to toe. I did not panic or showed intense fear for I had no time for such emotions. I was busy praying and texting. I was praying to the mighty God to take care of me and I was texting some of my close friends to pray with me and for me. Praise God! I was diagnosed to have suffered temporary ischemic attack (TIA) or a mini stroke. Although I have to take a lot of medications, I am fine now.

I was online the other day when my son asked if he could use the computer for a bit. He said he has to download some anime stuff and his laptop is quite slow for the job. My son is into anime and on occasions I have watched some anime with him too. I told him that there is actually a Free Anime Chat room that he could join to swap ideas and thoughts about their mutual passion. My son got excited and has actually joined the chat room.

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