Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Good Friday

In my hometown, it has always been a tradition to Roman Catholics devotees to re-enact the passion of Christ. Of course no one could ever duplicate the sacrifice and sufferings that Jesus Christ went through but the re-enactment is one tradition dominant in Roman Catholic Philippines. I do not conform with these traditions for they are against my belief. I serve a risen Lord and not a perpetually crucified one. Anyway, I think the penitents themselves do not even know what they are doing. Envelopes are given out to bystanders watching the drama for monetary contribution. I donated 100 pesos so that the entire cast would act in front of my mother's house.

Cesar delivering his speech to Jesus

The Pharisees agreeing to Christ's crucifixion

Christ carrying the cross

A lot of digi cams started whirring at this point. I was way out watching this "silliness" when all of a sudden I heard a cry "pictures!" The Christ impersonator and his cohorts stopped and the next picture happened.

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