Friday, April 24, 2009

How to Stop Prank Callers

My brother has changed his home phone number for the nth time. It seems that he and his household has a phone stalker. The caller identifies himself as a relative but is not. Now my brother fears that the phone stalker might try to go over his place and scare the daylights out of him and his family. I told him to report the incident to the local police just to play it safe. I've had a number of prank calls myself. The irritating part is that my phone's caller ID I still won't show the identity of the prank caller. However, there is a new site called Caller Wiki that just might solve our prank callers and phone stalkers problem.

Caller Wiki gives its users the ability to know who is at the end of those irritating calls. The Wiki system will provide its subscribers to get the needed information instantly. A user can view what others have to say about a particular number and he can edit and add any information too. If the number he searched is not in the Wiki data base yet, he would then be automatically taken to a reverse phone look up tool. I tried it and the system works! Check it out!

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