Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Your Home Secure?

About two nights ago, my husband left the window open in the stair landing going to my son's bedroom. My son was not home since it was a school day. Early in the afternoon that same day my husband decided to pick some mangoes off our trees and he forgot to put away the aluminum ladder. He left it by the wall near the open window. So, the open window and convenient aluminum ladder enticed one burglar. We're lucky that one of my daughters heard a noise and shooed away the burglar who was dismantling my computer.

Crime is everywhere. We're not even safe inside our own homes! We need home security gadgets to make us sleep better at night. These home security gadgets are not luxuries. They are necessities.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I agree again with your safety, Thank God you were kept safe.

Diary Farmer said...

It's just the same here in the UK. Crime is on the up as criminals get more and more desperate due the downturn in economic circumstances

desperateblogger said...

@ stuff could always be worse: yes, thank God. Just the other day our neighbor was burglarized!

@ diary farmer: crime is rampant everywhere. you're right. the economic recession is one reason for the desperation that leads to crimes. let's pray that the recession ends soon.


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