Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stop Those Leaks and Drips

An architect is a Jack-of-all trades, construction wise. He designs the house by doing the floor plans and all other layouts called for. He does the simple electrical, plumbing and sanitary layout too. He does the details of wood works, cabinets and closets. He even chooses the tiles to be used for the flooring and bathroom, the paints and wall finishes. Sometimes, the architect does the interior designs too if the clients prefers too. Yes, being an architect, these are just some of what I do for residential clients. I cater to their needs. One very important aspect of the design process that I consider is the plumbing and sanitary layout. What good is a beautiful house if it has leaky plumbing?

At some point in your house's life, there will come a time that you will need a plumber. As the house grow old so does the pipes and lines embedded within its walls and under its floor. If you live in the vicinity of Memphis, it's best to call on a Memphis Plumber for your "leaky" problem. High quality of work and customer service guaranteed. Remember to take each small drip or leak seriously. What could have been a minor repair could turn into a major disaster if left unrepaired.

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