Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talk About Tattoos

I am in a dilemma. My 18-year old son has sort of expressed his thoughts about getting a simple tattoo. He wants to get "inked"! Not that I am such a prude but I have heard a lot of horror stories about tattoos. The latest that I read about is regarding a tattoo artist who keeps on misspelling the word he designs and then inks! I bet the best thing that my son and I could do right now is to talk to some tattoo enthusiast to get ideas on the how and what and the where of the actual art of tattooing.

Browsing on the net, I found a Free Tattoo Chat site that my son and I could join. The site is designed for tattoo hobbyists and enthusiasts. There are probably hundreds and thousands of people interested in the art of tattoo. This free tattoo chat room is one good place to expand and share your knowledge about tattoos. Membership is 100% free! All you have to do is fill up a simple online form and presto! You gain entry to any of the tattoo chat rooms where you could ask questions, swap stories, share ideas, and even view each other's tattoo arts through videocam. This is one big site for tattoo enthusiast and would-be enthusiasts to share their tattoo passion. Check it out!

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